“The Struggle for Sustainability”

A beautiful post by Isha Judd on Care2. First part here, then link to Care2

“As global concern for the state of the environment rises, I observe how we face this problem in the same way we do most situations in our lives: we want to fix something that we perceive as terribly wrong. When this happens we look immediately to find someone to blame. But in doing so, we sidestep taking responsibility. When we see something outside that we don’t like, we can choose to complain, even to fight, but in order to give a real contribution to any situation, we must start taking responsibility. How do I take responsibility for something like the environment? Something that seems so huge and so unrelated to my own actions? I am not negating the positive effects of making greener choices or reducing your footprint, but I am talking about going inwards, to heal the root causes of destructive behavior within yourself.”

…continued on Care2

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image credit: Paulo Brandão via flickr under a Creative Commons license


~ by Zachary Shahan on January 10, 2010.

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