A big part of living a greener life, &, I would say, in lightening the heavy load we carry on our hearts, is to address something most people do about 3 times a day — eat food. Food is a major part of what we consume.

I have not looked up the stats, but I think it is safe to say that food constitutes about 1/4 to 1/3 (or more) of the average person’s budget. If someone can provide the stats in the comments below, that would be appreciated. In any case, it is a lot for sure.

This means a lot for our environment as well, and what food we eat is especially important, it makes a world of difference.

World Watch recently reported that “livestock and their byproducts actually account for at least 32,564million tons of CO2e per year, or 51 percent of annual worldwide GHG emissions.” Livestock being animals (cows, pigs, chickens, etc.) that are raised to be killed and eaten. So, if this report is right, more than electricity, transportation, industry and everything else combined, raising of animals for food is contributing to most of the greenhouse gases that are producing accelerated & catastrophic global climate change.

I am a lifelong vegetarian, & can only be grateful for that. I do not generally preach vegetarianism, but even avoid discussing the topic, because I think it is primarily a spiritual or at least moral issue that people have to come to on their own.

Plus, as something that people must come to on their own, people generally don’t want to hear about the topic if they have no initial interest in it and you may as well be talking to a wall with this kind of thing if you try to convince someone who has no interest in it.

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However, for someone with a tinge of interest, or for someone who is looking for information on vegetarianism or trying to become vegetarian but needs a little support, I think providing information on it can be very helpful at times.

Also, with it becoming more and more of an environmental issue, it is becoming a normal topic to discuss and even promote in environmental realms.

Thus, I think I might, from time to time, post some information on vegetarianism on this blog. Additionally, I may post recipes or food tips or health information as well.

I am still transferring previous articles I’ve written on other sites to this one in order to start off this blog (and consolidate my posts on these issues). And the next several posts on here will be food- or vegetarian-related ones. This is essentially a long intro to those.

Although I think a vegan diet is the best in many respects, I am including non-vegan (but vegetarian) recipes in some of these posts. Vegetarianism is a big enough step for most people; I think going straight into veganism is too difficult for most people to fathom (but not actually that difficult to do). When possible, or if you have the interest in trying it out, I encourage you to try the vegan option. But I would say, be happy if you at least go ahead and make the vegetarian one.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the posts (otherwise, I assume you’ll probably just ignore them or let me know what you think is wrong in them).

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image credit: libraryman via flickr under a Creative Commons license

~ by Zachary Shahan on January 9, 2010.

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